Big Ass Ants—Delicious!

Down they go!This is a plate of  Hormigas Culonas, or, quite literally, Big Ass Ants.   They are a speciality of the Santander region and taste better than they look.   Protein!

It’s funny to me that they have a season, that they aren’t found just any time of year.   This kind of ant has wings that are plucked before they are cooked.

This isn’t some weird thing to freak out outsiders.   People really eat these and I saw several roadside vendors on the road between Bucaramanga and San Gil. They have a nice, quasi nutty taste.   I can see them taking off as something to drink beer with, but it would be a Herculean marketing effort to make that happen.   There are restaurants that serve steaks with an ant sauce.

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