A box of big ass ants for sale in San Gil, Colombia

These are the hands of a guy selling big ass ants on the street corner.   Yes, these ants have wings.   He explained why they don’t fly away, but I couldn’t grasp what he was saying.   It was hard to concentrate as I soaked this in.

I bought yet another international plane ticket today.   I go from Washington DC to Zurich about 2 weeks from now.   $351 one way on USAirways.   Not thrilled about it, but the miles will mean something.   My friends in Zurich live within walking distance of the airport, and yet they don’t hear all the traffic, which for me may be the coolest thing ever.

I would love to bring ants as gifts, but I don’t see how I can get them past US Customs.

Is my blog becoming too ant-centric?

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