Animal Testing

Coming from Colombia to Washington DC, it is as if all the girls here are wearing burkas.

I am visiting Robin whom I met 17 years ago in Hungary when we both lived there, and his girlfriend Yelena.   Robin is an Apple technician for the National Institutes of Health outside Washington DC.   I am not sure I am allowed to say  where it is as they do animal testing and are therefore a target of PETA protests. But they see the animal research in a different light:

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Animal Testing — 1 Comment

  1. Darn. I’m bummed you are leaving. I was really enjoying your blog. I can’t remember if I asked you if you heard anything about rafting in San Gil… so heard anything?

    If you get to go to Iran that will be amazing! I’m rather obsessed with the middle east. It is high on my list of places to go. I’ll be trying to remember to check your site periodically to see if you get to go and when so I can read about your travels. If you remember, you could even update me. Thanks.

    Enjoy your travels! -Donna

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