Goran Bregovic—live in concert!

There is a vertical dividing line you can draw on a map in Europe where pop music is guitar-based to the left of it and to the right where it sounds more folkish. That line goes a little fuzzy through Hungary, maybe just east of Budapest, but last night here in western Hungary I saw a well-received Serbian concert by Goran Bregovic, who plays “modern traditional” as it was described to me. This is one of his songs, “Kalashnikov”. As you can see, the audience really gets into it.

Hitchhiking to Budapest tomorrow, again in the rain and cold. In flat Hungary, there are few places to hide when it rains. I don’t have any cold weather clothes either. It’s hailing right now. Not real excited.

I’ve said before and I will always say that I am a fraud of a traveler compared to my friend, Graydon Hazenberg. He is back from another Herculean bike ride in hostile places and is working on a book. His blog is at graydonstravels.blogspot.com/
Check it out and rag on him for having such small photos.

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