Troubling Trends in Soccer—Viva North Korea!

My two main problems with soccer are diving and fouls on corner kicks/free kicks from the side.   I love to see yellow cards for diving.   Is there no way to do some sort of video review of diving, even after the game, for punishment? It is the scourge of the sport. I lump in with diving the players acting like they’ve been shot when they’ve been touched.   Last night Ivory Coast really went Deniro, but Brazil does, too. Yes, Lucio, I mean you, and who can forget Rivaldo against Turkey in this clip at the 55 second mark?

There are always multiple fouls on corner kicks, as we see from the constant replays of USA’s disallowed goal against Slovenia.   When have you ever seen a foul called against the defense in that situation?   Ever?

In a similar vein, why are foul throw-ins never called?   It’s easy, obvious, frequent, painless and yet they never do.

While I am on a rant, I am tired of everyone covering their faces after missing a shot.   They didn’t do it in the old days, just like no one celebrated goals by pushing away their congratulatory teammates to have their personal moment of glory.   Can you imagine Socrates slapping aside Zico and Falcao after a goal so he could run alone to a random spot and crow for the crowd?

I enjoy watching Maradona strutting like a peacock on the sidelines.   It’s hard to take your eyes off him.

North Korea is playing today.   Even though they lost their first game, aren’t they worth $10 at 1000-1 odds to win it all?   What team has trained the longest together?   What other team is more prepared?   Who is faster and fitter and has the most fighting spirit?   What team will never quit?     What team is less scared?   Day to day life in North Korea has to be more frightening than a stupid soccer tournament.   The Asian qualifying group they came out of is no slouch either.

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