Slaving on the website, eating too much pork

Mangalica pig head in the market

Got some good stuff to experiment with this weekend. I am going to try and cook duck again; this time I have a breast and some direction. I have two slices of mangalica pork, ewe cheese, plums, and cat food.

Penne with diced spicy mangalica sausage, diced smoked pork, ewe cheese, onions, garlic, carrots and green herby stuff. I'm on fire!

I am knee-deep working on my new website. Did you know I have a website,
Over 20,000 new words have been written, a liberal sprinkling of “swell" and “golly" plus a “Shazam!" or 15 scattered here and there. The new website will be crammed full of good info. I am literally packing it full to the brim. Frequent flier miles will be demystified, all my tricks about how to find the cheapest flights will be revealed including how I started this trip with an US$83 flight from USA to Colombia and why one way tickets are a gift from the heavens.

I expound on the reasons why travel insurance and railpasses are the work of the devil, why you should travel alone, and why you should get your next passport while abroad. But wait! There’s more! I tackle weighty topics such as whether to pack jeans (that was 15,000 words right there), I make an impassioned case for hitchhiking, and I tell of a great competitor to CouchSurfing. That is just a small chunk. It’s all practical information such as the details of how I hide my money on the road so it will be easier for all my faithful readers to rob me.

But I am so tired of working on it, I just want to finish and slap it up on the World Wide Web and then continue to impersonate a traveler. I have my eye on a 180 euro flight from Milan to Bangkok in late August.

My main thing now is to figure out a nice, clean, easy-to-program design and code it, which will be hell. Famous graphic designer Balazs Gerencser of Toucan Design (Balazs, prepare yourself for an unholy SURGE in traffic!) made a mockup of what my new website could look like: I dig the look.

The new website won’t be unveiled in stages, but rather in one big lump since it will look totally different. I have about 100 pages presently on, all “hand-coded” (as we in the biz say) by myself, but now when I read about XHTML and CSS, I see everyone mocking my old-style HTML with tables and tags.

Apropos of nothing, one thing I dislike about Hungary is when I pay for something and I have my hand out for change, they make an effort to put the change under my hand and on the counter. It’s as if I’m a contagious leper or, something worse in their eyes, a Slovakian leper. It isn’t a Hungarian thing necessarily, but it seems to happen a lot to me here. Are they afraid I am unclean? I might be, but I am certainly cleaner than the money in their hands.

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Slaving on the website, eating too much pork — 5 Comments

  1. Hey Kent! Found your blog through the CS Budapest message board, and it’s slowly changing my life, line by line 😛 Just wanted to comment on the change thing – it happens to me all the time as well, and I just don’t get it. I’m friendly, I smile, I reach out my hand and BAM – the money’s on the counter. I make a point of being as slow as possible to pick it up when they do that, because I’m contrary like that.

  2. Szia Zsofika! Thanks for the kind words. We should go shopping together and when they do the change-under-the-hand to you, I will be next in line and I will put my payment under the hand of the cashier. Good idea?

  3. On an unrelated subject, where do you stand on TúróRudi?

    I always wanted to hear the opinion of an American. No need to be polite, it’s quite controversial (for reasons beyond my understanding).

  4. Szia i.e.!
    Oh, don’t worry, I’m not polite! HA!
    Yes, turo rudi is at the epicenter of all the fighting and hate in this world. I don’t get it either.
    I like turo, but only in my turos taska and turoscsusza. I don’t like dark chocolate, so no, I don’t like turo rudi. I know there are other varieties now, but don’t all of them have dark chocolate on the outside?

  5. Yeah, Rudi is a tough one!
    But there is a milk chocolate covered version (look for TEJES BEVONAT, where Tej = milk) although it’s nowhere that popular and harder to find.

    But the milky version is widely marketed in Romania as DOTS.

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