Hungarians and soy are like brandy and light bulbs

Soy good! (Get it? So? Soy? And to think I blog for free!)

I have an Italian friend named Werner (no, really!) and he claims you need to put some carrot and a dash of sugar in your pasta sauce. I tried that for a second time, but it doesn’t cook in so well. I chop it up fine but does it need to be a puree?
I also cooked textured dry soy chunks for the first time. My favorite restaurant in the world in Malaysia does magical things with the same soy, but that’s the future; we all have to start somewhere, don’t we? I dutifully let the chunks soak in hot water first before putting them in the sauce, but I just ate and it feels like the soy is expanding in my stomach. I have a sudden urge to sumo wrestle someone. I will go see what the old lady next door is doing.

Brandy in a light bulb because...I just don't know

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Hungarians and soy are like brandy and light bulbs — 4 Comments

  1. Damn is that bulb brandy amazing, where did you find it?
    By the way if it’s pear brandy in it then it’s a clever play on words since both the fruit and the lightbulb are referred to as ‘körte’.

    Speaking of Malaysia, I have a question.
    I plan to go in January & February to SE-Asia (mainly Indonesia and the Philippines).
    Now I know that it’s the rainy season at that time of the year, but how does that affect the snorkeling and ferry schedules? I’m talking about the Palawan islands in the Philippines and the Banda Sea / Moluccas region.


  2. Hi, Thanks for the korte explanation. I think they had plum and pear, so it makes sense. It was in the main market.
    I haven’t been to Palawan or the Moluccas, shamefully, but I can tell you that ferries will run in the Philippines unless a typhoon is bearing down, and even then they may take the chance. There’s nothing scarier than an overnight Filipino ferry in a storm, if you ask me.
    Snorkeling visibility shouldn’t be that good in the churn of the sea, but you never know. I would guess it depends on how much rain there is.
    Did you find a cheap ticket?

  3. Thanks a lot, that’s good news, at least the ferries are not suspended. Well I will keep an EYE on the HURRICANES (and to think I comment for free :o)), although it would be a cool way to die, among puking Filippinos.

    Well AirAsia is starting to push some promotional prices (last year i flew for a crazy 250 EUR from London to KL and back), right now it’s still hovering at around 400 EUR, but i hope they will cut that in half.
    However they have introduced a new KL-Seoul route for insane promo prices (less than 100 USD).

  4. If you hear of a good flight, let me know. I read AirAsia now has permission to fly from Paris, but I haven’t heard anything else. Japan is coming up, too.

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