Going with the ultra-high voice in Thailand

     I consciously change my voice when trying to speak certain languages because I have it in my head that this is the best way to be understood. In Brazil I sound like Dracula; in Hungary, like I am about to cry; in Germany, a news anchorman; in Norway, the Swedish Chef; and here in Thailand, a eunuch. I go for the ultra-high voice.
     I have been to Bangkok 10 or 15 or 20 times. Whatever it is, it’s too many, but all roads lead to Bangkok. Name me another city in the world that is more of a travellers hub. You can’t.
     I made another pilgrimage to the Chatuchak Weekend Market to see what was new. I only bought a t-shirt, but it was a doozy. I fancy myself a level-headed man, not an impulsive shopper by any means, but when I saw this I had to have it, black and V-neck be damned:
     I have my favorite sections in the market to go so I didn’t get sucked into the sauna-like conditions of most of it. In that sense it is nice that Chatuchak was pretty much same-same. It begs the question: what is different about Bangkok this time?
—There are more 7-11s, which is hard to imagine as before they seemed to be everywhere. I saw two directly across the street from each other. What’s next? One on top of the other?
—Dentists for foreigners are a growth industry.
—The Thai baht is at a two-year high against the dollar (The Japanese yen is at a 12-year high, which doesn’t bode well for my next destination) and there’s a new $5 ATM fee to take out any amount of money.
—Half of the downtown shopping district is eerily quiet since the destruction from the riots, but the rest is business as usual. Life goes on for the Thais and absolutely nothing will stop tourists from coming to Thailand. Coups, riots, tsunamis, SARS, AIDS–there’s only a lull.

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Going with the ultra-high voice in Thailand — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Kent,

    Planning to fly into Bangkok beginning of February. First time to Southeast Asia….

    I love reading your blogs and am taking some of your tips for “how to fly cheaply” to each region of the world. You crack me up, so keep up the good writing. More pics please. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Kristin, but tell your mother that BKK is a violent lawless place and that you need an (inexpensive and formerly handsome) escort to protect you and show you around.

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