The undeniable joy of ramen

     On a dreary day in Ueda, Japan, this bowl of ramen prepared by these two nuts hit the spot.

I am honored.

     I can never get used to dreary days. I suppose when you live in a four season climate like Japan, you appreciate a nice day that much more. Once I visited a family in Sweden one midsummer, and we were having dinner indoors on account of the bad weather. Suddenly, sunlight broke through and like a flash, the entire dinner table was immediately transported outside so we could soak in the precious sun.
     How can you live in such a climate? I have almost no appreciation for good weather because I am rarely in bad weather. I follow the sun.
     I get a trickle of fan mail, people out of the blue who have stumbled on to my website. It’s amazing that anyone can find my website since I have made only half-assed attempts at promoting it. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling from any comment or email as blogging can feel like being trapped at the bottom of a deep well where no one can hear me. I answer any and all questions whether you write to me privately via the contact page or, for the big ego boost, on the website somewhere as a comment, so don’t be shy.
     I am so embarrassed about wearing the same orange pants all over the world that I made a webpage about it.

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The undeniable joy of ramen — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Kent!

    It’s Raphael, from Aracaju! just love reading your stories in here… Actually, I even used one of them in a class! Hope you don’t mind! =P

  2. Do you get a kick out of seeing your name on underwear? hah it even has pink flowers! and the orange pants, they go really well your blue windbreaker, very stylish!

  3. Hey Kent
    How can you still fit in those Orange pants? You’ve been wearing them since moscow in 96.

  4. Oh God, I want to eat that so bad!!
    The ramen, i mean, of course.
    Hey, the flowery pink Kent underwear is 50% off!

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