Japan is different, Part 1 of 5,723,992

     “I have a reservation at Yellowish, but let’s grab a bite at Atlanta Crazy Crepes first.” I would love to be in the brain-storming session when they come up with these names.

     This place looks like a bar but is actually called a snack. A woman called a mama runs the show and dotes on everyone, making conversation and constantly pouring drinks even if the glass is two-thirds full. There are customers' names on every bottle of whiskey, and yet two very watered-down glasses of whiskey were 10,000 yen ($120). But this wasn't my deal. You think I would pay that? Wait, what is that jar in the bottom right of the photo?


Literally, Ma-ku-do-na-ru-do Ha-m-ba-a-ga-a

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