Google Analytics scares me; naked 14 year old Russian girls?

     When I log into Google Analytics, which shows in great depth everything you ever wanted to know about what’s going on with your website, it shows me the top 10 searches of how people find my website. There are the obvious keywords: “alternative travel”, “cheap flights”, “hitchhiking”, “devastatingly handsome California men”, etc., but it is always with some trepidation that I click further to see what other search words people use. There is the touching (“travelling to kiev alone”), the weird (“solo old women in toilet pictures only”), the puzzling (“how grow up from ass”), the weirdly puzzling (“japan squatting no pants”), and the disturbing (“naked russian 14 years old girls”).
     For the last one I should very quickly explain why my website comes up. If you go halfway down to the August 5, 2007 entry on my old blog page you will see how the words got mixed around and there is nothing lascivious. Nothing worse than this photo, anyway.

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