Looks like it’s a good time to hit the road

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Looks like it’s a good time to hit the road — 5 Comments

  1. ;D I don’t understand you.How more are you going to travel in the future.It seems that you traveled long enough already.Isn’t it time for you to settle ?.I hope you are not going to hitchhike ? 😀
    I’m not against hitchhiking, but ussually this kind transport is for young and foolish and if I’m right you are already over 40

  2. Yes, hit the road, good idea. There’s no such thing as travelling “long enough”.
    Our whole life is a journey. Some – though, mistakenly – assumes that after a while it’s time to settle. How wrong… One has a lot of time until settling down becomes necessary. After one’s funeral, that is.

  3. You are crazy man, I admire your attitude.It all depends on your goals and the purpose of the life which is different to every person.As we live once I wouldn’t like to die and vanish like a smoke without any trace.There are a lot of shit going on in the world as you travel a lot I guess you know about the regions where is not so safe to travel…
    And what I mean that there are a lot of people who need help starting from the food supplies ending with political stuff and goverments trying to restrain people’s freedom…
    Someone has to stand up, and you know a lot of people doesn’t give a f*ck about it because it’s not them starving, their life is good and they don’t even want to hear about sharing their wealth was it money or just their time…
    So that’s my goal – to contribute to the welfare of society and leave some good after me.

    Whats your purpose, do you have one ?

  4. More hard questions. If my purpose was so admirable, I wouldn’t travel so much since long-term traveling can leave you disconnected. It makes you more aware, but it’s difficult to solve problems if you aren’t on the ground in one place actually working to make things better.

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