Things you wouldn’t expect to find in Jordan

Black Sambo

     Politically incorrect foodstuffs

     We're all pretty happy to be in Jordan

     Above is a mural from a swank film library in Amman courtest of the government suddenly throwing money into developing a film industry. The guy running the bottom floor library studied engineering and has a side business in painting ostrich eggs, but his real passion is for film, so he dropped everything to do it and network himself into the burgeoning community. Makes for a diverse resume at least.
Jordanian dinar

     It's interesting that on the back of a Jordanian banknote is Jerusalem, isn't it?

madaba mosaic
     Madaba, just southwest of Amman, is known for it’s many ancient mosaics, and they promote themselves as the only place in the world with a mosaic school (that is, if you don’t include the West San Jose Senior Citizens Macrame and Mosaic Club, but let’s not challenge every single claim, shall we?) A bubbly female Jordanian student invited me into their classroom to watch how it’s done. It’s a very cool, laborious process that I wish my mosaic-loving mother could see. jesus mosaic
al hashem restaurant     I can’t resist another photo of Al Hashem’s silky smooth hummus. A secret ingredient is the bowl on the lower left, a liquidy lemon, pepper (and vinegar?) concoction drizzled on top.
     I seem to get charged less to eat there if I bring girls from the hostel with me.

     The only thing I am down on about Jordanians is a severe lack of covering their mouths when they cough, and with all the dusty air and incessant smoking, they’re coughing a lot. I have a feeling this won’t be exclusively Jordanian behavior as I travel around the region.
     I had a great time in Amman. It’s undulating topography is part of its charm. From the Citadel in any direction the city stretches far into the horizon and because it seems to have been built entirely on hills and valleys, there’s hardly a flat, straight street to be seen.
     Syria tomorrow!

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Things you wouldn’t expect to find in Jordan — 3 Comments

  1. Such a short trip to Jordan!

    I realize you’ve been there before, but I feel like you’re not giving it a fair shake this go-round!

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