Resist all temptation and do not give me your money

     Earlier this month I flew from Istanbul to Amsterdam for only $89 one way, all taxes included. That’s a fantastic deal, if you were unsure. How did I get it? By following the instructions on my own website! It’s not magic. I show you the steps. Whether you have the patience to read it all and do it, that’s another question. It doesn’t have the best layout, I admit.
     I flew on Pegasus Airlines, a Turkish airline so obscure that the CEO’s own mother probably doesn’t even know what he is up to. Who has ever heard of Pegasus? ME! I have flown with them a few times by now, in fact. What I am getting at is that my website isn’t composed of third-hand rumors from someone’s cousin’s uncle, it’s me out here in the trenches actually doing all this stuff. I tell you all my secrets of how to run around the world. For free.

     Know Nomadic Matt? He is arguably the biggest name in the travel blogging business, and for him it is indeed a successful business, it appears. His newest ebook is on sale now for $14 where he sells you the information about how to travel cheaply and you can save $1000 if you spend many thousands more on certain travel companies, activities and hostels. We might be talking to two different audiences as I encourage a more do-it-yourself ethic and would suggest not spending so much to “save” so much, but you can learn a little bit from everyone, I reckon.
     I admire Matt for being able to make money—maybe enough money—to keep doing what he likes to do. Isn’t that the goal for everyone, but how many people can do it? Maybe e-books are the way to go and I shouldn’t give all my info out for free, but since I don’t, this is the mindset I have to put a button, this link below, on my website.

     I suppose most people just throw a link on there and see if it floats, but I hate the look of websites splattered with banner ads, Google Adsense ads and “donate” buttons even though I see it as a necessary evil, so aesthetically and morally I don’t feel good about it. I don’t like asking for money. I have few qualms about asking for a place to sleep or website design help, but money is something different.
     The link sends you to Paypal, but I don’t think you have to have a Paypal account to donate. (Just the word “donate” gives me the skeeves. I have to go wash my hands. I feel sick.) OK, look, I will put the link on the bottom right column, but don’t send me money. Give it to Amnesty International. And when you give it to Amnesty International, make a friend write out a check or send an anonymous money order without a return address or you will be hounded on their mailing list forever.
     Please don’t donate. I don’t feel right about it.
     —Kent, or when I am feeling more megalomaniacal, The Dromomaniac

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