Happy Anniversary to me: two years blogging

     On a day that will live in infamy, March 17, 2010, I started this blog. A minute of silence will commence at 7:33 PST to signify when I first started cursing at WordPress, an emotional moment indeed. Since then I’ve blogged 280 times in two years, or about twice every five days. Seems like a lot.

     People stop me on the street all the time to say this is their favorite blog post ever. I'm taking it as a sign that I should blog less, so I will blog less. In fact, here is the end of this blog post---the worst ever! Demand your money back!

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Happy Anniversary to me: two years blogging — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations! Give yourself a hearty pat on the back! Where is all Kent’s adulation you ingrates?

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your hilarious wit, generous sharing of knowledge, intelligent writing, and incredible tips. Here’s to many more years of lively entertainment!

  3. I shudder to think what my rate of blogging is…..Great stuff on your blog, and it rarely fails to make me laugh.

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