Alternative Travel


  Traveling Alone
          Learn to be more comfortable in your own skin!
          The Ukrainian shakedown
          The plight of the lone Japanese female



          Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t say “no"–yet!
          Isn’t it dangerous?
          How to find someone to try it with



  CouchSurfing and Servas
          Couch what? Servas? Are these cults? (Yes!)
          Why the human element trumps hotels
          The 100 word stories: no more, no less



  Rideshare and Substitutes for the Insidious Rail Pass
          European rideshare’s gone mainstream
          Free Scandanavian ferries
          Japan can be visited cheaply–seriously!



          Is a youth hostel card worth it?
          What’s wrong with booking online?
          Don’t forget!




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