I love flea markets

I love flea markets.   I love airports and embassies and Trader Joe’s tomatillo salsa, too, but those are subjects for another time. San Alejo is the most well-known in Bogota, but it isn’t a favorite of mine.   The sellers are more or less the same every week; I recognized some from a year ago and you can just tell from the same rusty junk they sell. Viviana says her mom knows of many other flea markets, but it’s a shame I only discovered this now.   Actually, I’m just happy it wasn’t raining cats and dogs as it had been for the last solid week.
Viviana is my CouchSurfing host.   She’s been telling me about the miracles of bee venom.   I’m dying to get a dose, but she’s more preoccupied with getting Colombian regulatory approval.

Just look at this photo of the girl in the chair, blocking anyone from looking at the books. What am I supposed to do, climb over her? That’s pure contempt.

Usaquen is where all the beautiful people go.   I lasted 10 minutes before I was thrown out, a personal record.   No, I went to the artisan markets and hung out with Sam’s sister for a while.   She met me to give a heavy brown envelope that I am to deliver to someone in USA.   Hmmm…..

Bogota bus drivers are ferocious on the roads.   I feel bad for old people who have to hang on for dear life, but change be a-comin’!   This year Bogota is rumored to get a real bus system and not a patchwork of private buses causing havoc on the roads.

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