The Cheap Flight


  Tricks and Secrets
          A study of my $83 flight from Florida to Colombia
          The majesty and glory of one-way tickets
          Overcoming evil website tricks.



tarom ticket
  Fake Onward Flight Tickets
          Why they’re necessary for one-way flights
          The risks and rewards of using them
          How to pick the right fake flight



  All Over the World On One-Way Tickets
          Why RTW tickets are usually a waste of money
          The cheapest way to get to every continent
          Joker flights? Auctions? What the heck?!



  Frequent Flyer Miles
          Don’t blow off the concept of frequent flyer miles
          Always collect them, no matter how few
          Why upgrading never makes sense



The Cheap Flight — 4 Comments

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  2. Once flying to Katovise from madrid i realized how cheap fare Wizz air offered me , you can’t believe it was just 30 Euro for 3 hours flight , compare to the flight offers in europe in asian country the fare are quite expensive , the spie jet that connects kathmandu to Dehli is more then 100 USD . but also in asia air lines are air asia and few other are truly budget and once can be benefited by their services!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your tips for a cheaper plane ticket. I’ve been planning my trip to Europe and the prices on airline fares have been shocking. At least now I have a few more sites to check out.

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