Travel Tips

Obvious stuff? Some new ideas on the basics

  Passports and Visas
          The reason to renew your passport from abroad
          The joys of a passport issued in Colombia
          The surreality of acquiring my Paraguayan visa



  Money, Credit Cards & Insurance
          To budget or not to budget?
          Do you really need a credit card on the road?
          Is travel insurance the devil?



          The heavy hidden cost of schlepping the heavy pack
          Why almost every modern brand has a poor design
          Don’t count on the post office to save you!



          I’m not packing light; you’re packing heavy
          Where I hide my money so you can rob me easily
          The importance of traveling with baseball cards



  Guidebooks and Languages
          In defense of Lonely Planet
          Foreign languages? Push yourself in head first
          The Brazilian parable


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