Hitchhiking from Guatemala City to Mexico City with a pinch of border corruption

     This is a continuation of the previous post where we hitchhiked from Guatemala City to the border.      We walked to the border, handed our passports to the Guatemalan immigration officer and without looking up, he says we have to pay … Continue reading

Adios, Guatemala! Incomparable Antigua, dreaded Guatemala City, and hitchhiking to the best Xmas parade ever

     Name me a more beautiful town in Central America than Antigua. You can’t do it. Granada? Suchitoto? Boquete? Those places’ beauty fades the farther you get away it—the opposite of me; at 100 paces I look dazzling—but not Antigua.      For … Continue reading

Hitchhiking from Mexico to Guatemala; the journey is the destination

     The journey is the destination. So deep! Go ahead, I can wait while you write that down. As corny as that sounds, though, it’s true. Or, put another way, I can say that the the buzz of being in another … Continue reading

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