Bogota, Colombia

This is my 4th time in Colombia and 5th in South America.   I was last in Colombia just one year ago.
I stayed with a CouchSurfing host, Mauricio.   He already had a young German traveler visiting, Mark, so I am on the couch. I guess I should always expect it to be that way as the name of the organization implies, but it is rarely so.

The temperature was nice, but Mauricio discouraged me from wearing short pants, saying that shorts are for Sundays.   I am glad I took his advice if only because in the afternoon a definite chill comes.   Bogota sits in the Andes mountains at 2600 meters (8300 feet) and it is downright nippy at night.

It seems strange to say, but on my second night in Colombia I had Kaiserschmarren, an Austrian dish of a thick crepe with applesauce.   Mark made it for us. I was impressed.

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