Hostel habits

A Hungarian "Puli" in Colombia

In a hostel dormitory my habit is to put my camera and extra money and papers–even journals and address books no one in their right mind would want–inside my bag and lock it while away for the day.   Meanwhile, my dormmate Andrew has his laptop laying on the floor, undisturbed.   I asked if he was worried about theft.   He shrugged.   “It’s only $350.”

There is an Aussie girl at the hostel who asks everyone where they’ve been as she formulates her own plan, which is commendable, but she has a relentless obsession with costs.   “Is it cheap?” is always the second question.

I met a Korean girl and was disoriented to find that her Spanish was better than mine and we couldn’t use English at all.   Both she and a Taiwanese friend of mine presently traveling in Central America said it was hard to travel as they got too much attention from the men.   I suppose Asian girls aren’t used to it at home.

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  1. Kent! I wish you all the best; give me a shout whenever you return to Norway. A true pleasure knowing you, you wacky polyglot! Be safe 🙂

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