The Things I Love About Colombia

This foot isn’t one of them.   It belongs to British Eric, who is also at Sam’s VIP Hostel as he conducts his website business selling shishas: Give it a click just to demonstrate what kind of clicking power’s followers have.

But see the compelling contrast between the title and the photo? I’m telling you, this blogging stuff shouldn’t be left to amateurs.

These things I love aren’t uniquely Colombian, except maybe for the first one:

-The entire country, save for parts of Cartagena, has a genius street numbering system. Carreras are north-south streets while Calles run east-west. So, “Cra 34, 53-66”, means not only that it is near Carrera 34 and Calle 53, but that the building is precisely 66 meters from the corner of Calle 53!

-To sell something and make it sound especially cheap, people will say that something costs, for example, “1000 pesitos”—not pesos, but literally, “little pesos”. I want to sell stuff on the street at home just so I can quote prices in “little dollars”, but see? That doesn’t have the same ring to it.

-Ubiquitous are people wearing vests that say “Minutos”. They have an array of cell phones, at least one for each cell phone provider, where you can make calls on the street for cheaper than a pay phone. Typically a call is 150 pesos–150 pesitos!–per minute. How great would that be in USA? It would be a boon for poor people. (1900 pesos = US$1)

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The Things I Love About Colombia — 2 Comments

  1. Only 150 pesitos! Hmm. I am wondering why I did not get a message on my voicemail from you in Columbia. You know, it would be nice to get a call just saying hello. See how my day is going? Its not like it cost much. I know this now! Good job with the blog keep up the good work.

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