Another long slog—hitchhiking from Budapest to Munich (and Paris?)

Tomorrow I am going to go for it again and try another exhaustingly long hitch, this time to Paris, but I might use for the second leg from Munich. If it falls through, I will have to hitchhike the entire 1500km.

In this photo on the motorbike is a spray-painted form. Know what that is? It’s an outline of a map of Hungary at its height of world dominance before 1920 when the Treaty of Trianon laid waste to it, as for a long time now Hungary tends to be on the losing side of conflicts. You still commonly see that shape on maps, keychains, stickers and on a right-wing taxi company’s logo. This is a picture of before and after.

I have been productive with the relaunch, focusing on sections such as why one way tickets are the way to go and how to look at frequent flier miles the right way.
I also hope to also have a better quality Woody Allen clip to replace the one below including the Chinese eating scene.

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