The 200 forint Chain Bridge blues

     On my penultimate day in Hungary I made a culinary discovery: spicy goose sausage. It is off the charts of fantasticosity. It is a good thing it’s near the end of my trip or else I would be even fatter than now. A summer of eating horse sausage and sitting working on this damn website has made me morbidly obese.

     I had a great idea: take a closeup photo of this 200 forint coin with Budapest’s Chain Bridge it depicts in the background. I walked the 3km there and then realized I left my camera back home. Ay, caramba! At a minimum, I would have certainly been short-listed for a Pulitzer Prize in photography, but now? Sigh.
     Today is Hungary’s national day. Tomorrow I get to impersonate a traveler again. I am hitchhiking to Vienna.

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The 200 forint Chain Bridge blues — 5 Comments

  1. Hi. Was looking at the Budapest section of Thorn Tree and saw your post about the blog. Really liking it. Was in Budapest in fall 2006 and am considering it again for the winter. I have been on the road almost continuously since the summer of 2006 (I am in Bangkok right now enjoying the monsoon season). Crazy life eh?


  2. Is it difficult for you to get back on the road again after a period of comfortable routine, like it is for us mortal travellers?

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