My 100th blog post, maybe the worst ever

     My 100th post, which means I average about 18 posts a month. Is it a lot? Of course, one good post is better than five bad ones, but The Dromomaniac never posts schlock, right? RIGHT?
     People often stop me on the street to ask what my favorite blog post was, and I have an easy answer: it is the last entry from my old website from Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. It’s about a picture I took of three little kids 19 years ago and how I found them again and the big surprise when I presented the photo.
     I had a multi-cultural hitchhiking experience from Vienna to Munich with my four drivers: Austrian, Romanian, Czech, and a German. It was OK, but it went slower than I expected. Maybe I am losing my mojo or maybe I should have shaved.
     Thursday I hitchhike from Munich to Switzerland. It isn’t my favorite route. It is hard to get out of Munich going WSW, there’s only one gas station along the way, and then it is always very slow traffic on the small road through the corner of Austria.
     The real challenge is shaping up to be next Thursday when I hitchhike from Aosta, Italy straight to Milan airport. If I mess up, I miss my flight and that’s that.
     My German friends go berserk with rage when I say this, but Germany is the USA of Europe. I feel at home here. I am too lazy to defend this argument, so maybe this is my first schlocky post. And no photo for you today!

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My 100th blog post, maybe the worst ever — 2 Comments

  1. My last post was also my 100th with my current blog and previous blog combined. I didn’t notice that until after I posted it, and my thoughts were something like this, “All this work and I’m only at 100? 100 posts and still nobody reads my blog? Eff this!” Haha… just kidding. Well, sort of…

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