Medical tourism: a small operation in Japan

     Normally I don’t like to have too many photos on one post, but normally I don’t have a friend taking photos while my finger is being sliced open.
     It was due to my own fears and inefficiency that I waited so long to have this taken care of, so I was very fortunate that Greg knew a doctor who said he would check me out and at a heavy discount as a favor to him.
     I have had some experience with operations in other countries as this page on my website shows, but it isn’t something I relish. Here is a “before” pic of the bump on my finger:

     First they tried sticking a needle in me to see if any liquid would come out. None did, and it hurt like nobody’s business. Then another needle in me to numb it.

     A grimace from me. I think the nurse is looking at the clock, counting the seconds until she can go for lunch.

     A closeup of the incision. I think I have five stitches. Anaesthesia is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

     Looking at the BB-sized chunk that came out of my finger. This operation (with three x-rays) normally would have cost 13,000 yen (about US$160) but since Greg is a friend, I was charged only 3000 yen (about US$36). In short, The Mother of All Deals. X-rays alone in America cost the moon. I was very pleased, even after the anaesthesia wore off and it started throbbing.

     The good doctor took us out to a nice lunch after the operation and then summoned his son to drive us back to the office in his Mercedes. Happens in America all the time.

     Let’s see you be skillful with chopsticks in this situation! This is a breaded pork cutlet, tonkotsu, on a bed of cabbage with rice and miso soup.

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Medical tourism: a small operation in Japan — 5 Comments

  1. Hey fingerbob! You finally got rid of your booby digit…you brave boy you!
    I remember you saying ‘The chicks don’t dig it’, so hopefully you can wag that finger and summon any ole lass with confidence from now on. Let me know the outcome! love and hugs kxxx

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