Last day in Syria. Tomorrow, Lebanon—inshallah

     Searching for greener pastures, looking eastward. Is this a good time to mention that I am heterosexual?

Sometimes you just need to buy vaseline in bulk


     I am going to miss the tricky stairs at the Al Haramain Hotel in Damascus. I am afraid to sneeze nearby lest it all come crashing down.

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Last day in Syria. Tomorrow, Lebanon—inshallah — 7 Comments

  1. Did you drive to Lebanon? If so, what issues did you face on the border?

    @Peter. It’s not a theme park, its more of an outdoors museum of captured Israeli weapons and paraphernalia owned and operated by Hezbollah.

  2. and ya this Imapal park next to cinema 🙂
    I hope u had fun in Syria and next time hope i can show u every old american car where it parks
    starting from dodge brothers 1927 🙂

  3. Those stairs!…one of the best things in Damascus, love the sloping floor, the tiny toilets, the old fashioned iron beds, the whole place really. Stayed there 3 trips now, would love to go back again.

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