Last gasps of Lebanon

     It’s weird to imagine that until recently, for a long time Lebanon was under Syria’s thumb. The two are so different. Lots of travelers aren’t crazy about Lebanon because of these differences, but I’m not among them. This is the Singapore complex. The people who don’t like Singapore are the ones who just arrived from Malaysia and are disoriented that it’s a more modern, expensive, organized place with fewer rough edges. Get over it and try to appreciate it for what it is.
     But I couldn’t sleep well there and it was making me crazy, so I decided to to go back to Syria while I devise my next plan. I left a lot on the table in Lebanon. Didn’t go into the snowy mountains to ski or see the cedars, didn’t go to Tripoli, the second city, didn’t even check out the Hezbollah outdoor museum.
     I’m also going to miss that dramatic descent into Beirut from the mountain. Even if the sight of a huge city repulses you, coming from the high desert of Syria down to the Mediterranean makes you gasp the first time you see it.
     There was also an audible gasp when I saw this falafel and hummus combo laid in front of me:

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Last gasps of Lebanon — 5 Comments

  1. The falafel pic is making me very hungry, and now I’m curious about this descent into the city view!

    Forgive me for being a bit off-topic, but what is the news about Libya, Yemen, and other areas of protest near you? There was so much coverage of Egypt, including ways to help, but I’m finding it difficult to get news about how to help the folks of Libya. For Egypt, there were petitions, alternate internet/satellite networks, voice-to-tweet options, etc. Are you hearing anything locally that folks can do for the other areas experiencing communication blackouts?

  2. Yes, I really should have a good photo of Beirut, but I don’t. Windows were grimy and I just couldn’t pull it off.
    The satellite TV coverage here is very thorough, but I haven’t seen much news the last couple of days, just bits I am reading. Libya is a very closed country compared to Egypt; I am surprised at any info that seeps out. It is going to be a nail-biter to see what is the result. I have my fingers crossed.
    By the way, if you have never seen Al Jazeera’s English language coverage on TV or its website, check it out as it’s excellent.

  3. That falafel doesn’t look dry at all!

    PS any chance you could tell me where to find that French Cock restaurant in Syria? I am enormously immature and am determined to make a pilgrimage there myself when I go in a few weeks.

  4. Sure, I can tell you, but it is in Latakia. Were you planning on going there? (I can hear it already: “Now I am!”) I heard a rumor that it might be in other parts of the country, but I can’t confirm that.

    No, that falafel was lovely. Just some Syrian misinformation.

  5. I had the same reaction the first time I descended the mountains from Syria to Beirut. Changed all of my travel plans and ended up staying a whole month in Beirut instead of just a week. Now I live there.

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