Hitchhiking with VD in Switzerland

     I flew from Amsterdam to Geneva on easyJet. Part of the low-cost flight experience is that you always get a few inbreds who make a run for the door the moment the back wheels on the aircraft touch down.
     I tried hitchhiking out of Geneva airport from a dank parking garage with a “VD” sign, VD meaning canton Vaud, the next canton over from Geneva, but I felt funny doing it. “VD” in America more commonly means “venereal disease”, and I don’t want to know what kind of person would pick me up with such a sign.

     1 Swiss franc = US$1.17. Breakfast not included. These prices are tough. No hostel should have a room that costs $170 a night. I asked the three Hong Kongers in my dorm if $42 was the most expensive hostel they have ever stayed at, and they said no. Zermatt was more expensive and in London the girl paid 30 pounds (about $50) to sleep in a 12-bed dorm! That blows my mind. You can get over $500 a night to rent a dorm room out in London! Someone is making crazy money.
     I don’t know how young travelers can do it. I say in my Couchsurfing section to avoid staying too many nights with hosts, but heck, give your host $10 or $20 and ask to stay longer. The Hong Kongers drew a line at paying more for sheets and thus sleep in their clothes, covering themselves with jackets and sweaters.
     The hostel charges 1 Swiss franc ($1.17) to use the internet for a mere 7 minutes, though wifi is free. I should just sit in the lobby and charge people one franc to use my computer for 10 minutes, but no, I offer it for free. Yes, it’s another business idea blowing in the wind from The Dromomaniac.

     Since Swiss prices are putting me in a daze, maybe India is ultra-cheap after all. (Yes, India is still on my mind.) This tube of toothpaste pictured above is 5 rupees, or 11 U.S. cents.
     You have to appreciate the bit under the “Colgate” part of the box where it says in small letters “Super Shakti Dental Cream”. I don’t know what super shakti is, but it is definitely in heavy rotation in my current vocabulary:
     “How is the weather there?”
     “Super shakti! Come on over!”
     I also like the touch that says it is “100% vegetarian”. It would be funny if it said “”20% vegetarian”. Yuck!

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Hitchhiking with VD in Switzerland — 3 Comments

  1. I heard from two separate people in the past month about $50 and *higher* dorms in NYC. Nearly $200 for private or semi-private or whatever it was. I was too dumbstruck to listen for more details.

  2. Super Shakti! lol! wtf!

    A few questions…

    a) What type of trip are you on right now? I been following ur blog for the past month and you were in India then Turkey then Amsterdam and now Switz? no judgement, but pure curiosity, why go to switz or europe in general knowing it is so expensive?

    b) in previous writings you notes India was one of your least fav places, did your most recent trip to india change that at all? If not, what rubs you wrong about the place? Further, have you ever been to ladakh?

  3. Hi,
    Yes, Europe is crazy-expensive even if I am visiting friends like I will from here on out, and I am now looking more seriously into flying somewhere.
    India is a challenge for me probably because it is so hard for me to get into a matching wavelength with the country, though i was getting more in tune with it just before I left. (Sorry for getting new-agey there.)
    I haven’t been to Ladakh or anyone up north, and most people say it is the best, totally super shakti.

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