The tennis viking is back in California

     It’s good to be home, to feel myself again.

     Viking horns, $1 at a Marin County garage sale. Major score.

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The tennis viking is back in California — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, Kent.
    I’ve been reading your blog and even sent you some e-mails suggesting places to go.
    Anyways, in one of your posts, you said that you rarely meet people who’ve travelled as much as you. I can’t top your achievment but I would say the same thing.To get to my point, you’ve mentioned Marin County several times. I live there in San Rafael. If you’re there now maybe we could get together and swap travel tales.
    Hope you enjoy your stay in the States before your next trip. Get some rest. I’ll bet you’ll be re-energized in no time!

  2. Thanks, Jim and Tom, it is good to be home. Sorry I missed you in Marin, Jim, but I am indeed getting my sea legs back, if I am using the term correctly. (I doubt it!)

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