Barichara Barcelona, 2 weeks gone

El Rio Fonce

The River Fonce in San Gil. Huge vultures not seen in this photo. Is a so-so photo better than no photo?

I doubt I have ever stayed at a hostel for a whole week.   I am not such a youth hostel fan and I am too restless to stay anywhere for too long, but it was a perfect storm of events that kept me here at Sam’s.   I would stay the weekend, too, if it wasn’t booked up.

I certainly have never stayed in two hostels over 12 straight days.   Granted I was sick, but still.

There must be respiratory problems here amongst the women as everyone wears skin-tight clothes, but local hospitals have not reported a surge in admissions.

I went to Barichara today for the afternoon, about 40 minutes away.   It is a very pretty colonial village, but so languid I watched the second half of Arsenal-Barcelona in a shop.   This town must have some money from the upscale tourists because it was a small, nondescript shop selling the basics and patronized by salt-of-the-earth people, but it had a large flat screen TV for anyone who wanted to watch the game.

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  1. Hi!
    This blogging thing is going well for you. You might even replace those journal books you spend so much time looking for, by doing another such blog only for yourself. But you do need a Blackberry or some other smartphone.
    Where will you be during the World Cup?

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