Colombian Cleavage, Kebab Economics and Hitchhiking

This woman grills meats and corn on the main square.   Sam claims she nets thousands of dollars a month based on each stick costing her about 400 pesos and selling for 2000 pesos.   (1900 pesos = $1).   I’m now convinced the Colombian grilled meat sellers and the Thai cut fruit sellers use the same timeshare in Switzerland for their vacations.

This photo somehow reminds me, when you come down from the highlands, Colombia is all cleavage, all the time.   And since wearing loose clothing appears to be a federal offense, making pockets impractical, plenty of women store their cell phones in their cleavage.   Some have enough room for a whole pay phone.

I can’t resist taking photos of people acting idiotic.    In this photo to the  right is the path to a very nice waterfall, this part  being steep and slippery, hence the rope to the left, but this retard was too impatient to wait so he tried going up with a frightened girl on his shoulders.   I couldn’t bear to watch him ungracefully try and ascend.

I hitchhiked back from the waterfall in two rides.   The first guy had a big family in his new truck and I knew he would take me for free.   (I forgot to give him a 1990 Colombian soccer card.)   The second was a young guy in a beat-up car, and I knew to ask him how much he wanted.
Hitchhiking is the greatest invention ever.

It was penthouse to outhouse in San Gil as Sam had a group coming so a few of us went to El Dorado Hostel.   San Gil was packed to the gills today.   It was fight after fight in the corner of the square where the liquor stores are. Are Colombians hotheads? Is that a difference between Brazilians and Colombians?

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Colombian Cleavage, Kebab Economics and Hitchhiking — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Kent, must admit…the cell phone storing clevage habit was something I easily picked up~ AND it is SO useful. I still use the habit back in the states. Plus having a cellphone on your breasts makes for great hitchiking and cheaper bus fares….really it is a win win for ALL!!!
    ~ Kristin

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