Lost baggage, wearing your friend’s underwear, and the inflatable jacuzzi

When I tried to do the self check-in for my one way flight the system rejected me because I didn’t have an onward ticket reserved, so I had to go directly to an agent.   In the redesign of my website I will explain why round trip tickets are a bad deal and why a companion fake e-ticket is necessary to appease the airlines and immigration.

I always say that near the end of a long intercontinental flight, if you go into the bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror, that’s what you will look like in 10 years, or, in my case, 6 months.

I envy those fortunate people who can sleep on airplanes.   I can hardly sleep in beds, so airplanes are hard to pull off.   Anyone have any sleep tips for me?

Upon arrival in Zurich, just entering the terminal from the airplane, you have the palpable sense of being in an organized country, so I was unprepared for my bag not arriving with me.   The two others in my predicament were Swiss and they merrily filled out papers and were on their way. I did the same then realized that I didn’t have any other clothes. What was I going to do?   I schleped up to Rolf and Sonja’s and Sonja got out some of Rolf’s clothes for me to wear on this unseasonably hot day.

I have Mexican friends that live nearby, too.   Today I saw Jose for lunch. Graciela gave birth a few weeks ago and I hope to see their son next week.   It’s funny what you hear when you ask people if they want me to bring them something.   What do you think a   Mexican couple wants from USA?   Black licorice and Tang!

The friends I hope to meet while in Switzerland I met while traveling in Russia, Thailand, Belize, Georgia, New Zealand and India.   I’m telling you, if you want to meet Europeans, don’t go to Europe, go traveling.

Running around visiting friends is nice, but afterwards I need to find one place and sit myself down for some weeks and figure out how to code in CSS and work on new content for my website.

The inflatable jacuzzi took some sting off the day

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