“Nothing is free in Switzerland!”

My bag appeared 24 hours later.   It wasn’t a big deal only because I have such great friends nearby who took care of me.   I kind of liked my friend’s underwear.   Is it OK to admit that?

Young Kent Foster would have gone all fire and brimstone on USAirways about compensation and my emotional duress for losing my bag, but older, more ruggedly  handsome Kent Foster didn’t think it was worth the fight.   Must be the underwear.

Now I can laugh about it, but yesterday at the airport   just after the realization that  I had lost my bag, I made the mistake of dealing with Information Desk Lady.   I thought I was starting out with softball questions.

Ruggedly Handsome Kent Foster (RHKF) :   (Shyly, new to the ways of the world)    “Excuse me, is there free wi-fi in this airport?”

Information Desk Lady (IDL):   (Surprised by the question)  “Free wi-fi?!”   Then indignantly,  “No, no, no,” and finally a triumphant,  “Nothing is free in Switzerland!”

RHKF :   I thought of pointing out that free wi-fi doesn’t seem to be such a thing to withhold from the masses, that other countries provide it,  but I naively moved on to a more inflammatory subject.   “I know the airport  supermarket will accept payment in euros, but can I also use dollars?”

IDL:   (Detectable smoke emanating from the ears) “No, no, no!   Do you think if I go to America I can use Swiss francs?”

RHKF :   (Staying calm for someone who just lost their bag)   “Well, I thought that since euros are accepted that also  dollars–”

IDL:   (Interrupting)   This is Switzerland!   We have our own money…”

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