Fribourg, Switzerland—Vive la langue francaise!

Congratulations to Mike Wong, restaurateur provocateur, who has managed to have both Nike and McDonald's suing him at the same time for this sign.

Kayak practice in the swimming pool

Back in the hitchhiking saddle again.   Sonja drover me out to a great spot on the edge of Zurich to hitch, and in about 10 minutes I got a ride towards Solothurn. I regaled my driver with the story of the most famous person to pick me up hitchhiking, Fernando von Arb of the band Krokus who drove me this same stretch, but he was too young to know him.

The next  two rides took a good half an hour wait, but I had all day to get to Fribourg so I didn’t mind hanging out in the nice weather.

I still got to town early and I  managed to pick the only McDonald’s in the universe whose wi-fi connection was kaput. Now that I have a laptop, I find myself playing the find-the-wifi-connection game.   Did you know Swiss McDonald’s sells black tiger shrimp?   Everyone knows that?   It’s common knowledge?

The French langauge never ceases to entertain.   Do you know the word for weed wacker?     Debroussailleuse.   How great is that?

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