Hitchhiking to Muenster, flying to Istanbul, looking like a Dutch heroin addict

Muenster has been named by UNESCO as the world’s most livable city for a population between 250,000 and 500,000 so imagine my surprise when I saw this sign showing its sister cities and just look at Fresno, California sitting there.   My parents live near Fresno and no one of sound mind would consider nominating it for such an honor.   Even the mayor on his third day awake wouldn’t say Fresno is livable.   All you need to know about Fresno is that it’s named after a tree that doesn’t exist in the city.

Hitchhiking was tough getting getting out of Frankfurt, with again some choice words shouted skyward for turning down some rides I maybe should have taken.   It was misguided to be so confident to wear my orange pants and I should have shaved off my Dutch Masters beard and moustache. I was tired and looked like a Dutch heroin addict.   However, just north of town I got a ride straight to Muenster, about 300km NNW.   Just so everyone knows, Germany’s the best country for hitchhiking in Europe by far and second best in the world after Japan.

I paid about 150 euros (the euro is ill right now, trading at about $1.21 = 1 euro) for a round trip ticket, Muenster/Osnabrueck to Istanbul, a 3.5 hour flight, but with horrendous flight times, flying out at 2am tonight and arriving back at 1am a week later. Heck, I was in Colombia when I booked this.  
It will be my 5th time in Istanbul and 6th time in Turkey.

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