Istanbul—a good Kent!

Quiz question of the day: in how many straight countries I’ve been on this trip does my name, “Kent”, mean something in the local language?
Answer: five. In Turkish it means “town”, in German “kennt” is the 3rd person singular past tense of “to be familiar with” and in Hungarian “kennt” is 3rd person singular of “to spread”. Plus, “Kent” pronounced phonetically in Portuguese means “hot” and let’s not forget that “Foster” in Norwegian means “fetus”.
What you choose to do with this information is up to you.

So cliche, but I can't resist

Last night USA beat Turkey in a soccer warmup for the World Cup in two weeks, but I have no confidence in our team. I am a huge soccer fan. Be prepared for me to bore you in two weeks time.

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Istanbul—a good Kent! — 4 Comments

  1. of course you left out the most vital information.that your name is worshipped by every swede with a good taste of music,and you know it!

    your favorite swede Henrik

  2. I was told by the curator of the museum next to the ruins of Punchekath (Penjikent) in Tajikistan that ‘Kent’ is a Sogdian word for ‘where people live’. If this were true, then it would surely be the root of the Turkic word for city.

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