Two nights of immodest Hungarian culinary mastery

Shah cat food adds that extra little zip, that extra oomph that we chefs need.

Over the last two nights I have prepared duck covered in a sour cherry sauce and mangalica pork with a plum sauce. I have never in my life cooked duck or made a fruit sauce, but since I have access to a fresh market and a kitchen, I went for it.

To get in the right mood I had “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?” by the Rolling Stones playing in the kitchen, but only until the 2:45 minute mark, of course. Is there a way to loop it that way?

Doesn't this duck breast give the illusion that I know what I am doing?

Cooking down the sour cherry sauce with a little wine and brown sugar

It came out fantastic, though somehow the rice came out undercooked. I’ve been cooking rice longer than the Chinese; I should know what I am doing.

plum sauce

mangalica pork with plum sauce

It’s a shame I have no one to cook for, but I need this practice first.

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Two nights of immodest Hungarian culinary mastery — 2 Comments

  1. A…it’s not a shame anymore…you can start cooking for me anytime…..looks great!!

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