New website for the blog, but still eating horse in Budapest

          This is the first entry for the new home of my blog which I have moved from to Dromomania means “an uncontrollable impulse to wander or travel”. Seems more fitting.
          My housesitting is finished. I can no longer go for days without a shower while I agonize over my website problems. The funny thing about the website is the final product is going to look no better than the old site with my ancient HTML that everyone in the coding community disses. The only major difference is it will have a nice header.
          The website is getting me down and then I have to deal with Citibank in the local mall. The ATM always gives me large bills that people in the market can never change, so I have to go inside the bank to ask for smaller money. Twice now when I walk inside, a security guard nearly races over to block me in my tracks to ask what I want in a manner that is just a little bit on the hostile side of neutral. This by itself is bothersome, but it rankles me to see others darting past me, one woman making a beeline to a water fountain away from the banking area. Is this what racial profiling is like in practice? I pretend not to speak a word of Hungarian just to make him impotent, then I have to go home and listen to three straight hours of “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones being looped to calm down.
          Speaking of horses, I am still eating horse all the time, but am more reticent to admit it.

I must be the only person who cooks horse sausage together with textured dried soy chunks (and goat cheese with chives in this photo), but doesn't it make sense, the balance?

          Now that I am away from the market, this might have been my last supper. I feel like Francois Mitterand eating his ortolan birds.

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