Quickly going insane in Budapest, but eating well

bulgur wheat and diced turkey

dry spicy sausage, ewe cheese and potatoes

     You wouldn’t believe the hell it is to get my website going. There are endless little bugs and incompatibility issues and everything takes forever to accomplish. Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it. It is maddening. At this point I don’t care and I am just going to slap it all on and tweak it later. I am aiming for the middle of next week.
     I sit so long that by the end of the day I have this set-up on the left so I can stand and still work.
     Plus, I dawdled too long and missed the cheap flight to Bangkok. It may reappear, but I am not optimistic. What a mess. At least I can cook, but that is coming to an end on Tuesday.
     I can’t imagine doing any of this without my laptop, as idiosyncratic it is with its own bugginess. I never thought I would say this, but I am glad I have it.

     A bit of Hungarian trivia: a mild swear phrase in Hungarian is literally “bass key”.

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Quickly going insane in Budapest, but eating well — 1 Comment

  1. What a nice structure! Tobi really likes it. The website looks great!!!!!! And you are funny..Good job! It was worth having your ass go numb. Puszi from us!!!!

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