Dromomania is contagious!

          The outpouring of support for my new website has been overwhelming! It has re-connected me with old friends whose love for me and my work has been life-affirming. Here’s a sampling of the adulation:
          “Don’t you still owe me money?”
          “When are you picking up your stuff?”
          “You look fat.”
You can always count on your friends! I am still basking in the glow.

          It is a nagging suspicion of mine that my website is too narrow of a topic, but just yesterday my friend Caleb wrote to say that had he not followed my information, he wouldn’t have been able to fly. Caleb is a normal, God-fearing man with all of his brain cells intact, even if he is a friend of mine.
          Specifically, he was flying Frankfurt-Mombasa, Kenya on Condor and he had to show a fake onward ticket in Frankfurt or they wouldn’t have allowed him on the plane. He forgot to also thank me for being the one who told him about Condor, but I blame that on the tropical heat he hadn’t been used to.

          In Hungary an envelope with a black corner stripe like this signifies that there has been a death, so I use them all the time because I figure there is a better chance my letters will be treated with care and actually be sent. I am not familiar with these envelopes anywhere else in the world, and I am into all things stationery, so I am hoping the people I send it to abroad don’t freak out.
          And yes, speaking of freaky, my finger is not better. I need to do something. I don’t want to have to wait until Malaysia’s finest doctors take a look at it.

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Dromomania is contagious! — 6 Comments

  1. Please…no more finger photos…I read your blog before having breakfast….and that thing…and the history with it…yuk!

  2. Great Hopping Penguins, I’m mentioned by name in KENT FOSTER’S webpage!! All that’s left on my Bucket List is to drive a fire engine wearing a propeller beany and eat spicy hungarian goose sausage! Hey, I could do those at the same time!
    Seriously man, what would I do without you? and you claim to answer every question posted here so I definitely expect and answer to that one!
    The world (and by the world, I mean America, of course) NEEDS this website. The only balance I can give to that gushing enthusiasm is that the world (again, America) might not be ready for it. But *I* am, and you’ve already saved me endless amounts of time, money, tears, and blood. Carry on, brave soldier, carry on.

  3. Wow, after all these years of wondering, it’s such a relief to have that cleared up!!!
    This also explains why life has been downhill since those two surreal months in Long Beach all those years ago…

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