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     There is still the matter of bringing my old website over to the new and other things, but it can wait. I am disappointed with the front page that looks like the work of a 10 year old, but it’s functional and I can live with it for a little while.
     My dream is for everyone to find my website to be informative, interesting and worthy to recommend it to others, but I am afraid it will be seen as either an elaborate love letter to myself or a cry for help–or therefore, both.
     I need to thank Peter and everyone in the office for putting up with me for so long, Yvette and Samu for letting me house-sit, and Bruce at for technical help. I’d also like to thank The Academy…

The funny thing about these license plates that I got in the flea market today (3200 forint together --US$15--I lost my head) is that they were from two different sellers! This picture was taken in Szimpla, one of these funky garden bars common in the Jewish quarter. The other photo is from a sign above the bar outside. It's hard to sleep for me, too, as I am just around the corner. And it's always a drunken non-Hungarian doing the yelling.

     The Sziget music festival is this week. By now it is one of the biggest events in Europe. Last night Iron Maiden headlined. I am too wrapped up in this travesty of a mockery of a sham of a website to consider going. Besides, last time I went to see Iron Maiden, I was standing in line outside and someone threw a whiskey bottle from a great distance and hit me in the head. I got five stitches in the local hospital and then a nurse drove me back to the arena so I didn’t miss the concert completely. I was wearing a yellow t-shirt with blood splattered all over it and a bloody gauze wrapping around my head. No one dared come close to me.
     Any opinions about my website are very much appreciated. I have a contact form now. You could put a bogus name and email and tell me what you really think.

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  1. I cannot wait for the Sziget Festival, I don’t even care who plays. IT’S A FESTIVAL. ON AN ISLAND.
    Also, Szimpla is good fun, except on weekends when every damn stag-night from the UK descends and flashes their pounds (cough) around.

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