Japan is different, Part 2 of 5,723,992

     Not many people know this, but “Japan” is a relatively modern word originating from the Meiji Dynasty that means “without garbage cans”. (TheDromomaniac.com is a laff riot!)

     The can in the middle is a new, milk-based drink that has the flavor of pancakes.

The plastic food display phenomenon is spreading to other countries, poised to take over the world.

     Individually-wrapped bunches of grapes, above, lead to expensive bunches of grapes in the store below (6800 for the box, 85 yen equals one dollar.)

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Japan is different, Part 2 of 5,723,992 — 3 Comments

  1. Whoa, there’s been an explosion of Japan posts since I last visited your site. All very enjoyable. Did you by any chance try the pancake flavored milk?

  2. THAT would be an investment! That plastic food runs $30 – $100 per item! Course the “reasonable” world would never accept those prices.

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