Back by popular demand: more Japanese toilets!

     My inbox has been overflowing with requests for more toilet photos from Japan, so here you go.

     And here on the “arm” of the toilet above you can see the four alphabets that the Japanese use. It’s not easy to learn, but it’s amazing how much English is incorporated into everyday Japanese. In fact, is there another language that is more infested with English than Japanese? I’d be surprised if there was.
     I have a Japanese cassette tape to learn some vocabulary, and it seems like the whole thing is a joke:
English voice: “fork”;
Japanese voice: “for-ku”
English voice: “chicken soup”;
Japanese voice: “chicken suu-pu…”
     This photo on the right is from a bar. Squat toilets are said to be beneficial for your constitution, but let’s hope your aim is good and that your car keys don’t go down the hole.
     Notice the water coming out of the tap at the top so you could wash your hands. That’s Japanese efficiency.

     I am hitting the tennis ball better these days. Since Greg is better than I am at virtually everything—save Hungarian pastry consumption—it’s good to give him some semblance of competition once in a while.

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