In the Kingdom of Kent

     I am in the San Francisco Bay Area in the town of Kentfield, exactly on Kent Avenue, and tomorrow I will go up the street to Kent Woodlands, then to Kent Road which leads to Kent Trail and Kent Lake. My kind of place!
     I left home a couple of days ago. My parents drove me to the Amtrak station, en route passing a casino near their town built on alleged sacred Indian ground that must be full of slot machines and craps tables in order to honor their ancestors. It’s called Chukchansi, but my parents are unable to pronounce that correctly so they say “Chukanski”, making me think there was a heretofore unknown tribe of Polish Indians that took a wrong turn at Bialystok and found themselves in Central California.
     I am a big fan of rail and I like patronizing Amtrak, but hearing everyone’s cell phones constantly go off and loudly yakking rankles me. I need to change my attitude if I want to be in the right traveling mindset.

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