Learning Arabic—Piece of cake! (cough)

     I’m determined to learn a little Arabic every day. As with any language, locals appreciate the effort even though I am sometimes chided, “That’s Egyptian Arabic!” Habibi, if you can understand me, I don’t care what kind of Arabic it is!
     Dutch people have an unfair advantage to speak Arabic since they already have the throat-clearing and strangulation sounds. (Is it any coincidence that Mentos, a soothing candy, is Dutch? I think not.)
     Arabic, like Chinese, is fun to try and speak since it is such an expressive language that can be spoken with flair. The greatest thing is watching two people argue as their hand gestures are fantastic to observe, but often (also like Chinese) you can’t tell if they are really angry since they speak so loudly and boisterously naturally.
     I would love to take an Arabic class and really make the effort, as daunting a tongue it is. Accordingly, I hear Yemen is lovely in springtime.     The Hotel Raffoul in Tartus. My occupation was for 2 days without path (46 Syrian pounds = $1)

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Learning Arabic—Piece of cake! (cough) — 1 Comment

  1. go for it kent! i studied arabic for about 2.5 years and i found it very useful
    when travelling the ME on my own!! Besides, it’s fun to study it anyway.
    People in the ME never expect a foreigner to understand what they’re saying
    so, when you keep quiet as they are discussing (sometimes about you) they are like
    awfully stunned (and sometimes embarassed) when they find out you understood
    what they were talking about!
    so hey, go for it!!!

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