Things you don’t expect to see in Ethiopia

     For every country I have a blog entry, “Things you dont expect to see in ______” but for Ethiopia, so much is unexpected that few things surprise me. Even today the TV was showing Scottish soccer, Motherwell vs. Aberdeen. Motherwell vs. Aberdeen?!
     The most unexpected thing for me has been seeing women with prominent decolletage and crude tattoos of crosses on their forehead, cheeks and neck. I shouldn’t even mention it if I don’t have a photo, but I couldn’t pull it off. This was around Bahir Dar and Gonder.

     I will personally fistfight anyone who dislikes jacaranda trees (the ones with the lavender blossoms). They aren't native to Africa, but they are common here.

     A ghostly photo in a Lalibela church

     I don’t know why this guy was passed out, or why I took the photo or why I put it here.

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