Kenyan food in few words and few pictures

     Like Ethiopia, I have semi-lame excuses why this isn’t as comprehensive as it should be. In this case, I have only been to a few parts of the country, and now I am leaving soon. I’m leaving soon! Air Arabia let me change my ticket for $75. (A few days earlier they said it would be $55, but still a deal considering most airlines would laugh in your face if you wanted to change the destination on a ticket.) I fly to Mumbai, India, on Monday.
     US$1 = 85 Kenyan shillings

     A glass of passion fruit juice and two samosas, 100 shillings. What surprised me in Kenya was discovering that some Indian foods have gone mainstream. Chapati, bhajia and samosas are ubiquitous.

     A huge lunch by Kenyan standards of pilau (rice with bits of meat with a dipping sauce) muthokali (beans and corn) and chapati. Kenyans can have a simple plate of beans and chapati and they are good to go.

     The menu at a cheap dive in Lamu. Nothing over US 75 cents. 'Karanga' is deep fried American tourist, 'Maini' is leg of German...

     Masala chips (spicy french fries), a Mombasa specialty

     Fried cassava with chili-salt and lime.

     Ugali, chapati and ndengu for 70 shillings on Lake Naivasha. Ugali is white corn flour boiled into a solid mass and ndengu is a pulse called a green gram in English, which was news to me.

     The mutton biryani at Naushad's Cold House in Mombasa's Old Town is a deal at 170 shillings, but there are more flies buzzing around than grains of rice. A guidebook might call it 'full of local atmosphere.'

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Kenyan food in few words and few pictures — 5 Comments


  2. this is why am proud to be a Kenyan and am soooooooooooooooooo strong in tearms of health . the food that i miss soooooooooooooo much when out of the country . I say its very Delicious and healthy wise i vote for it 100%

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