The people you meet in Kathmandu, Nepal

     This is Vivien of the famous Korean food and photography blog, We met in 2002 in Laos and haven’t seen each other until now, when I saw a fleeting Facebook post from her that said she was flying to Kathmandu tomorrow. I can’t get over how little she has changed. I will send a postcard from Nepal to the first person who correctly guesses her age. I’m serious.

     While in Kathmandu I also met the guy who replaced me at the dog hotel I worked at in the Japanese Alps. I’m serious.
     Wasn’t my last blog post a revelation? 218 euros to fly one way to Nepal from Europe? So now you know the answer about how it is possible to travel so cheaply. Whether you want to walk the earth forever is your choice. For those of you whose first question is, “Is reliable?”, my retort is, “Is Qantas reliable?” Flydubai is developing a reputation for canceling flights with little notice, but you do eventually get on the plane.

     This is my second time in Nepal. I will reminisce about my last visit later lest I put everyone to sleep. Maybe I will include the details of when I went to prison. I mean, the details of when I went to the prison. I guess there’s a difference.
     It was getting dark when I got into Kathmandu so I settled for a room in the super-sad Hotel Impala, 600 Nepalese rupees ($8) a night. I resolved to find something better the next day, anything that didn’t make me want to hang myself, but now this is my sixth night here. It’s the only cheap place that looks quiet. That’s worth something. Top floor, cable TV, wifi, and attached bathroom, too.

     This is bogus. They want you to pay $4 just to walk into a public square. For 'heritage conservation'? Please. All three main temples were littered with broken whiskey bottles.

     Must be a southern Irish name.

     Call me crazy, but I think the Pepsi sign doesn't blend in well.

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The people you meet in Kathmandu, Nepal — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Kent,
    Glad to see your feeling better!
    Are Qantas reliable? Not under this current CEO there not! I should know i work for them.
    Let us know if your off to Bankgkok at any stage of your travels.
    If your lucky i may even buy you lunch!
    Happy travels,

  2. I guess that she’s 43, just like you. By the way, I still have a couch
    in Hanoi with your name on it. Enjoy your trek.

  3. I was going to guess some absurdly high figure….but Ive read through the posts here…so Im saying 34….also I think the Korean chick is beautiful…also I have to say people say I ook atleast 6 or 7 years younger than I am…who doesn’t love that 😉

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